Country Evaluation Assignment

Introduction: /0x4*

This paragraph should provide a general overview of what will be presented in your historical context. As a result, you should write this paragraph after you conduct research and organize your information into sections in the body of your paper. The introduction should include a statement about the country that addresses topics one, two and three. (You may include more than three topics.) Each topic should have intext references – this will be useful later for your final project. See writing resources to learn more about referencing.

Early History of (your country)

This topic should address the earliest human activity in the area of your selected country, and this may be the development of stone tools by pre-human ancestors, earliest evidence of human origins and/or the development of kingdoms/civilization(s) in that area. (Keep in mind the country did not exist until after the Berlin Conference in 1900, so territories of kingdoms likely overlap country boundaries).

Colonial History of (your country)

The second topic should address the colonial experience of your selected country and how independence was gained.  

Post-Colonial History of (your country)

The third topic should address post-colonial/current issues.  


The conclusion reiterates the introduction, but in more detail for a now informed reader.


Every assignment should include formatted references that are cited in-text. See the Research Module in Canvas for assistance. The Syllabus stated that submissions without references will receive an automatic zero. Your collection of data and references will be very handy for your final project at the end of the semester.

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