Cover Letter HW

Cover Letter HW.

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Using the resources within the course guide, develop a formal draft of your cover letter. Cover letters are just as important as the resume! Unfortunately, they often are difficult to develop and many job seekers put little time into creating a well-written letter. The application packet often requires a cover letter and this one-page document should always be sent with the resume and other application materials. This is a time to sell your skills and abilities and to do this it is easiest to take the duties and responsibilities section of the job description (what are required tasks) and identify how you already have and use those skill sets. See the Cover Letter Rubric.pdf for detailed information regarding this assignment.

This assignment must be typed and submitted electronically in MS Word (.docx or .pdf) format. The file must be named in the following format: Lastname_Assignment4. Submit your completed document to Assignment 4, listed on the Modules and Assignments pages, as a file attachment.

My field of work is police

Also my educational experience is that I am currently a college student

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Cover Letter HW

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