COVID-19 virus

You will write a comprehensive APA analysis paper (minimum 1200 words) utilizing all the knowledge you have gained in HM4530. Use what you have learned from the READ and ATTEND sections throughout the course (including Unit 5) and at least three scholarly sources to address the items listed below. Use in-text citations and do not self-plagiarize from the previous weeks.

The United States was hit with a pandemic with the COVID-19 virus. Answer the following questions synthesizing the information gained from your textbook and your research.

Discuss challenges with COVID-19. What are the risks of transmission?

How has COVID-19 impacted the healthcare system and markets, healthcare insurance, healthcare employees, and healthcare facilities both in the US and abroad?

How has COVID-19 impacted other sectors from a global perspective including travel, airports, schools, businesses, etc.

What are the controversial elements of COVID-19? How do American values conflict with health policy? How has Congress, the President, and the Courts agreed and differed on health policy in this pandemic? Discuss the role of the government in these situations? Based on your research, should more or less policies and regulations be implemented?

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