create a PowerPoint presentation in which you analyze an item created or commonly used by any ethnic group (in what’s now the United States) which reflects its larger historical, social, and cultural context. You may choose virtually anything; the possible choices can include clothing, furniture, ritual items, musical instruments, everyday items, and artworks. Who created it, what factors influenced the object’s appearance, and what was its context?

Describe the artifact’s appearance briefly (in a single not-too-long paragraph), and then discuss the context in which it was created, its original purpose (if different from its popular use), and how the context influenced the style, the creator’s aims, its rise in popularity, social impact, evolution, and overall significance. Also, consider how does this item embodies or expresses specific values, needs, or conditions. The following links should help you choose a material object to discuss: American ArtistsLinks to an external site. Digital Library for the Decorative Arts and Material CultureLinks to an external site. (University of Wisconsin) Material Culture of the American HouseholdLinks to an external site. (Boston University) National Museum of American HistoryLinks to an external site. (Smithsonian) New York Public Library Digital CollectionsLinks to an external site. A template is provided below, so that there’s a clear sense of structure and expectations. Each of the elements included in the template should be addressed, with 50-75 words per slide. (The text should be put into the Notes frame below the slides.) You may change the background color and font if you like, though the background should stay a light solid color, and the font should be dark (preferably black) and nothing too eccentric (meaning no Comic Sans, for example). PowerPoint assignment template (HIST 21).pptxActions This assignment should use at least five reputable sources (no Wikipedia,, or term paper/study notes sites, please). The references should be cited in APA, MLA, or Turabian format; examples may be found at these links: APA FormattingLinks to an external site. MLA FormattingLinks to an external site. Chicago style/Turabian Formatting

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