Creation of Summative Assessment

Creation of Summative Assessment.

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The attachment is what you do part 1 with Pick a grade between k-12

  • Create an analytic rubric to assess the performance based assessment developed in the test blueprint. (see Chapter 7.6 and Creating and Using Rubrics (Links to an external site.)). It must include the following:
    • At least four levels of performance for rating scale (example: Novice, Apprentice, Practitioner, Expert or Exemplary, Proficient, Developing, Inadequate)
    • At least four different criteria that are aligned to the learning objectives and assignment (For example, your performance-based assessment might require criteria such as critical thinking, using research to support analysis, and grammar and mechanics)
    • Clear performance level descriptions for each criterion based on the rating scale.

Part 2

After you have completed your test blueprint and test questions, on a new page using the heading Reflection (center it), discuss the following questions:

  • Describe the advantages and limitations of using selected-response and constructed-response assessments.
    • Use evidence from your readings to support your analysis.
  • Discuss the main requirements of a good performance-based assessment and relate those requirements to the one you created. (see Chapter 7.4).
    • What are the benefits and challenges with using performance-based assessments? Consider the challenge of using rubrics to assess student work. Use evidence from your readings and at least one outside scholarly source.
  • Conclude with sharing your experience in creating this summative assessment.
    • What did you find most challenging? What was helpful for you in creating this summative assessment? Be sure to elaborate on your thoughts.

Creation of Summative Assessment

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