Criminal Law

Book: Principles of Criminal Law
Cliff Roberson and Michael D. O?Reilley, 2020

#1. Examine why the federal government does not possess plenary legislative authority over the states.
#2. While attempting to rob a federally insured bank, Jerry is interrupted by the arrival of the police. To escape, he forces the bank teller to accompany him into the bank parking lot. When he arrives in the parking lot, he frees the bank teller. Has he committed the crime of kidnapping? Explain your response.
#3. Susan was walking down the street. A mugger grabbed her purse and took off running. The incident scared Susan and she began to cry. What crime did the mugger commit? Explain your response.
#4. One of the terrorists who participated in the 9/11 attacks in the United States is tried and convicted in a U.S. criminal court. The prosecutor argues for a sentence based on retribution. What points should the prosecutor use in his/her argument?

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