critical thinking assignment

critical thinking assignment.

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Preamble: Whenever we are presented with new information there is always some that we already new, some that is a reminder, and some that asks us to rethink how we have perceived an issue to this point. This assignment is reflective and as such does not require citations unless you chose to include information that requires it). Throughout the semester there have been discussions on many issues, concepts, theories and ideas.

This will be marked as follows:

  • Writing- well organized, includes introduction and conclusion, grammatically correct, no spelling errors, double-spaced, 12 font (2)
  • Content: relevance, clarity, concise, complete (2)
  • Reflective: A reflective should answer the following questions; (7)
  • The reflection should be two pages double spaced(1)
  • Although a reflection by nature is personal you do need to show that you understand the concept that you have chosen. (3)
  • What did you learn
  • How do you feel about what you learned
  • What made sense and what didn’t
  • How do think you can apply what you learned in your life

You can choose ONE of the following topics or something else that interested you from the content discussed during the semester.

Ideal values vs real values; deductive reasoning; inductive reasoning; connotation- the power of language; reasoning errors- explain generally and chose two to expand on; fair-mindedness; logical vulnerability; Actively and accurately listening; emotional reasoning; ethos, logos, and pathos;

Remember to choose a topic that is a particular interest to you, and that made you think about how you approach this topic.

critical thinking assignment

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