cross culutral managment

cross culutral managment.

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Cultural Considerations of Doing Business in….” Italy . this is the subject will be

The paper draws upon all aspects of the course. It demonstrates students’ ability to integrate concepts presented in class, conduct research, organize material, and effectively utilize all in presenting the project report. The Course Paper should ideally fall in 25-30 pages, and cover the following sections:

(1) Introduction to the selected country/culture

(2) Historic background

(3) Geographic and demographic facts

(4) Political and economic facts

(5) Basic culture components and social practices – language, religion, norms and values, do’s and don’ts

(6) Business etiquette

(7) Expected impact of country’s/region’s culture on the following management functions, illustrated by real examples where possible and applicable:

(a) General business communication

(b) Negotiation and business relationships

(c) Human resources management, motivation and selection

(d) Business Ethics

(e) Leadership, corporate culture and business decisions

(f) Entrepreneurship and SME development

(g) Community Service and Corporate Social Responsibility

(8) Future cultural horizon

(9) Summary and conclusion

(10) References

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cross culutral managment

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