CSR Ethics & Law

You will select a company or organization which is or was ethically compromised in the extremenis. You will prioritize selected actions with time tables to restore the organization to ethical health. There is a strict 8 double spaced page limit to the paper INCLUDING end notes. The page limit is intended to force strict discipline on analysis eliminating background. Short declarative sentences will allow this approach. Relevant background can be referred to in the endnotes. Also with the paper one or more of these blocks must be incorporated:
Block 1 Foundations of Ethics and Political Thought in the Western Tradition.
Block 2 Capitalism and the world political order to 2040 with implications for CSR.
Block 3 CSR, The Environment and regulatory the regulation and deregulation pendulum with an emphasis on climate change and the business community.
Block 4 Technology: Synthetic chemistry, biology, geo engineering and artificialintelligence reshaping business and civilization at large. The closing bookend; ethics as the tiller steering civilization. /0x4*

Some guidance on the paper: identifying a potential topic, business sector and or a specific company. Since ethics are the bookends of the course the first step after teasing out a company and sector is to find an ethical hinge point to your inquiry. So in deciding on a topic and how to approach you can range across all the Blocks if relevant to your topic.

Recommended readings to reference:
Text References: S. May, G. Cheny and J. Roper eds. 2007 Oxford UniversityPress The Debate over Corporate Social Responsibility. ?ISBN: 978-0-19-517883-8(pbk.)

Michael J. Sandel Justice What?s the Right Thing to do?Farrar, Strauss and Giroux 2010 paperback ISBN 978-0-374-53250-5

Cass R. Sunstein Worst Case Scenarios Harvard University Press 2007ISBN-10:0-674-02510-5

Supplemental Resources:
Corporate Social Responsibility Association
Non Profit Quarterly

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