culture shock

culture shock.

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Chapter Activity and Questions

1-5) Your applied assignment for this week is to identify 5 shocking cultural norms. Do a little web searching and write up five cultural norms or cultural practices you would not have imagined but could be experienced by employees traveling on assignments around the world. Tell me the country/location as well as the tradition/norm that a businessperson might experience or need to know about. (You may use websites outside of SHRM, EEOC, and BLS to find these five answers but not for the remaining questions below. You need to provide an in-text citation and an associated reference for each cultural norm.) (Each cultural norm is worth 1 point.) Please number each answer separately 1 to 5.

Then… use the book and the associated articles (attached in canvas below these instructions) as well as any additional peer-reviewed articles and SHRM to explain: (For questions 6 to 10, each answer is worth 3 point.)

6) How do cultural norms develop?

7) Review and list Geert Hofstede’s five dimensions of culture.

8) What is the difference between an expatriate, host-country national, and third country national?

9) What is culture shock? What should organizations provide for employees who are going to be on expatriate assignments to properly prepare them and to help them avoid issues such as culture shock?

10) What is repatriation? What steps should organizations take during this process and why is it important?

culture shock

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