dance critique paper (watching video and write reflection)

dance critique paper (watching video and write reflection).

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dance critique paper (watching video and write reflection)

Two and a half page paper (double spaced). Please use correct grammar and spelling. 12 font Times New Roman

Describe it in simple way. it doesn’t matter you don’t have professional knowledge. Just appreciate it and write reflection.

I will give you the program guide and videos

Deadline is Dec.5th.

All dance performances are subject to individual interpretation. The goal is to do some interesting writing that “people at home” are going to want to read. There is no right or wrong opinion. You do not need correct opinions but interesting ones. Your personal reaction is what constitutes an interesting and valid critique.

Most good reviews include the three elements of criticism: description, analysis, and evaluation.

• The description includes the basic details (who performed, where, when) and a brief description of the elements of the performance.

• The analysis discusses the meaning of the performance. Here you can discuss themes, context, ideas, and images of the performance.

• The evaluation is where the writer can share and discuss his/her opinion of the performance and whether the themes, context and ideas were communicated successfully to the audience. Be sure to share why you have come to the opinions you have regarding the performance.

One way to critique a dance performance is through an evaluation of its elements. They are:

1. technical and performing ability of the dancers

2. costume design

3. sets and props

4. lighting

5. music

6. choreography

Ask yourself these questions:

1. What was its overall effect on you (moving, exciting, boring, confusing, intriguing, funny, etc)?

2. What was the choreographer trying to communicate in this piece? Is the idea literal (theme, plot, dramatic, message) or non-literal (pure dance, abstract)?

3. How were the elements of dance used? (time, space, energy, dynamics, rhythm, focus, shape, etc.)

4. Did the piece work? Did it communicate something? Did it communicate what you think it intended to do? What made it work or not work? Etc.

5. What was the relationship between the music and the dance?

6. What types of interactions did you notice amongst the dancers?

7. What types of movements were used?

8. How did the dance involve you beyond the visual experience?

You don’t need to answer all these questions above but pick some of them to answer.

dance critique paper (watching video and write reflection)

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