Dangers of online dating

Write: Add your voice to an ongoing conversation on a topic that is important to you. Write a researched argument supporting your thesis on your topic. Introduction: You should give a thorough overview of the topic in your introduction. Give background information, history, and context to the issue. Identify the main points of conflict or debate. Conclude the introduction with your argumentative thesis. /0x4*

Argument: Argue directly for your position. Support your claims with specific evidence. Remember to consider appeals to ethos, logos, and pathos and to avoid logical fallacies. Use your research to influence your depth of thought on the topic and to create credibility in your arguments. Counterargument: Address at least one counterargument. Carefully consider at least one of your opposition’s strongest objections, and overcome or refute it. Support your rebuttal argument with specific evidence. Conclusion: Synthesize the information you present in your body paragraphs. What do you want your reader to do, think, or feel after reading your essay?

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