Data Graphing Using SPSS or Excel

Data Graphing Using SPSS or Excel.

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Biostatisticians are constantly called upon to analyze data in order to help researchers and officials answer critical questions. For this assessment, you will imagine you are a biostatistical consultant on a small study for your organization. You have find a question to answer and the data to address it, along with some background information on how and when the data was collected and the general research question the organization is interested in answering. This is often the way you will receive data in the real world. Typically, students work with data they have available to them and answer a question they have at work.Your task is to help the organization answer their question by critically analyzing the data. You will compute your chosen statistics, interpret the results, and present the results and recommendations to non-technical decision makers in the form of a statistical report memo. Keep in mind that it is your job to do thisfrom a statistical standpoint. Be sure to justify your conclusions and recommendations with appropriate statistical support.

Data Graphing Using SPSS or Excel

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