Data Structure – homework

Data Structure – homework.

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I need somebody that can complete these 4 exercises by hand. All the instructions are well explained in the word document. The topic cover in the exercises are: BST, Heaps, Priority Queues and Huffman Trees, Sets and Maps, Hash Tables, AVL and Red-Black Trees, 2-3 Tree and B-Trees.

Language: C++

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Exercise #4

  • A task management system assigns to employees. A task has a priority. The priority is just a number between 1 and 10 (the higher the number, the higher the priority). When a task os assigned to an employee, it is pushed onto a waiting list that the employee keeps track of. The list is prioritized based on the task’s priority. When available, the employee handles the task with the highest priority, takes he task off the waiting list, and adds it to the history of completed tasks. Later on, the employee wants to inquire about the history of completed tasks.Here are some examples of queries the employee might need: (1) Retrieve the last task I completed. (2) Retrieve all the tasks I completed, sorted by finish date and time. (3) Retrieve the first task I completed. (4) Find a task by the date and time It was completed. (5) Find the tasks I completed within a period of time.

What data structure would you use to store the waiting list of tasks, and the history of tasks? Why?

Data Structure – homework

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