Design an E-R Diagram (Already done, just fix mine)

Design an E-R Diagram (Already done, just fix mine).

Can you help me understand this Computer Science question?

Design an E-R Diagram for an Art Gallery. Gallery keeps information about:

Artist: their Name(unique), Phone, Address, Birth place, Age & Style of Art,

Art Work: Artist, Unique title, Type of art, date of creation if known (can be NULL), date acquired by gallery, Price, location (Blue Room, Front Room, Basement, etc.)

Customer: Customer Number, Phone, Art preferences

Art shows: Artist, date and time, location, contact, contact phone

Show all required tables, Primary and foreign keys, and relationships

Diagrams must utilize software, such as MS Vizio or similar application, not hand drawn

my ER diagram is attached, fix it or design one similar and following the instructions above.

if work is great, i will send you part 2 and 3 to do, final project, will pay well.

Design an E-R Diagram (Already done, just fix mine)

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