Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging.

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  • Raster Project – Photoshop Collage
    • The PSD (Photoshop) file
    • A version of the raster file for web (1200px * 1200px, 300PPI, JPG)
  • Vector Project – Illustrator Project
    • The AI (Illustrator) file
    • A version of the vector file for web (500px * 500px, 300PPI, PNG)
  • A short statement about your project. Use this template.
  • Credits for all images you did not create yourself. Add/attach this to your statement.

Grading Rubric

Turn in your projects by submitting your work to this form:

Raster Project – Create a piece or collage by taking/finding images and combining them in Photoshop. Make sure to not upsample (increase the size of) your images. Use tools we’ve covered in class (i.e: adjustment layers, filters, masks, crop tool etc.) to create your composition. You may only use images in the public domain or with a Creative Commons license or content that you’ve created.

Ideas: Create a piece that represents yourself, make a collage based on your hometown, create an ad for your product, etc.

Vector Project – Create a piece using geometrical shapes in Illustrator. The final piece can be abstract or representational.

Ideas: Create a portrait of yourself, redesign an existing logo for a brand, create a geometric mosaic, etc.

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Digital Imaging

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