disc post quality vs quanity 2 replies 200-300 words references

disc post quality vs quanity 2 replies 200-300 words references.

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1. Quantity versus quality is probably a debate that comes up in many subjects, but it also comes up when talking about marketing. If you were to ask a group of content marketers what is more important, quantity or quality you would get mixed answers. Overall most will agree that you need a mix of the two to truly make a marketing campaign work. Many favor quality because once you create something that contains high quality information that same content can be used again, this process is called reformatting content or repurposing content. Once the basic content is decided on for the marketing campaign you can use that and add or change small details to make it seem new but it is still covering the same details also known as cloned content. This strategy works because the audience seeing the information only retains about 20 percent of the information it is presented. Therefore, by publishing cloned content you won’t be boring your audience because you will be giving them small pieces of new information within some of the same content of information, but the consumer will see it as new information. Quantity is not as favorable by marketing experts, it has been shown that the more you push your product on people the engagement rates begin to fall leaving you to work harder for less results (Neely, P., 2016). I personally side with quality over quantity, I have always believed that you can jet your point across with minimal information if it is the right information instead of rambling on just to fill space.


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2. In marketing, the goal may seem like quantity over quality because they are more focused on how much products they can sell and bring forth revenue. This can generally be major companies who have popular brands that sell well so they can take the risk of quantity over quality. However, in the healthcare field it may be different because marketing companies may not want to risk their products to consumers and something go terribly wrong. Marketing quality over quantity is more essential to healthcare because it minimizes dangers or a risk of threat to the medical personnel, staff, and the consumer. According to Craig (2018), in digital marketing quality is more preferred over quantity because of the current times we are in the era that consumers rather have honest transparency of the company because they love authenticity. By choosing quality over quantity consumers are noticing the product to be more personalized, creative, and appealing to the eyes. Quantity may seem of better convenience when trying to meet consumer demands but it may not always be the best fit in the healthcare field and even worse if the products starts having products that are having errors or defective, then company is not losing profit. Marketing in quality will always have a better outcome in consumer satisfaction with products. As for myself I do prefer quality over quantity because I know the service of the product will less likely be made poorly to where the product can eventually become defective, and nothing is more inconvenience than a product you purchase or invest in becomes defective.


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disc post quality vs quanity 2 replies 200-300 words references

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