discussion 14

discussion 14.

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Discussion 14:

Section 1: Drawing upon question 3 from those that follow “The New Jim Crow” 230-47, offer your classmates specific ideas and support them with evidence from the essay (quotes/summaries/paraphrases work well).Provide page numbers from our textbook for all quotes/summaries/paraphrases. (Close to 150 words, not short of that and can be over it a bit.Don’t include quotes in word counts)

3. The author states that “the racial dimension of mass incarceration is its most striking feature” (paragraph 17). What does she mean, and what evidence does she provide to support her claim?

Section 2: Drawing upon question 2 from those that follow “Hillbilly Elegy” 251-67, create a response. (Close to 50 or 100 words, not including quotes.)

2. Vance uses metacommentary to explain to readers how to interpret something he has just said. Find two examples in the reading where Vance uses this technique.

Link to book:


Article names and page numbers:

“The New Jim Crow” 230-47

“Hillbilly Elegy” 251-67.

discussion 14

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