discussion-critique the post below

discussion-critique the post below.

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Most people don’t think of places like Japan when they think of liberal democracies. However, Japan is considered by some to be the beacon of hope for liberal democracies in the east Asia region. The seeds for them to become so was planted after the defeat of Japan in World War 2. It has even expanded its influence by providing foreign aid to countries in the region (Ghosh, 2018). This puts them in the running for liberal democracies that protect the rights of the individual.

Japan, much like the United States, defines homeland security by the protection of their interest and homeland by any means available. However, since the end of World War 2 the nation of Japan is not allowed to have a standing military and can only have a defense force. This was put in place to ensure Japan would never become a menace in the region again (Chwialkowski, 2011).

Japan and the United States both share information and practice strict boarder security in order to maintain their homeland security. They also share the might of the United States Military in order o protect them as set forth by the Eichelberger papers. These things are the factors that make the United States and Japan alike in regard to Homeland Security.

discussion-critique the post below

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