Discussion-critiques the post below-Br

Discussion-critiques the post below-Br.

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Homeland Security “includes the combined domestic efforts of federal, state, local, and private organizations focused on, at a minimum, preventing, deterring, and responding to acts of terrorism within the homeland as well as efforts to harden and protect critical infrastructure, efforts to improve emergency planning, response and recovery, intelligence gathering and disseminating, and policy development that supports all these efforts.” (Kiltz & Ramsay, 2012). National Security is defined by the US armed forces as “…collective term encompassing both national defense and foreign relations of the United States. Specifically, the condition provided by: 1) a military or defense advantage over any foreign nation or group of nations; 2) a favorable foreign relations position; or 3) a defense posture capable of successfully resisting hostile or destructive action from within or without, overt or covert.” (Kiltz & Ramsay, 2012).

Homeland security focuses on both the preparation and protection of the homeland. Issues such as domestic terrorism, natural disasters and public health emergencies are addressed by homeland security (GW Law, 2019). National security focuses on foreign affairs and defense with the help of the military (GW Law, 2019). Both national security and homeland security do deal with domestic affairs as well, they deal with such affairs utilizing different resources at their disposal.

Discussion-critiques the post below-Br

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