Discussion: Neuroanatomy

Discussion: Neuroanatomy.

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The brain is typically comprised of two hemispheres, each of which has four lobes. Within each lobe, there are dozens of identified areas, each with multiple functions. Researchers will often spend their careers studying just one area or one function—and that research potentially provides enough information to fill scientific journals and textbooks.

In this week’s Discussion, you will select a specific region of the brain and describe its structure, function, and the connections it makes to other regions of the brain. You will also identify why this region is of interest to the research community as well as why it is of interest to you.

To prepare:

  • Review this week’s Learning Resources about the regions and structures of the brain and their functions.
  • Identify one specific area of the brain that interests you. This should be at least as specific as an individual lobe but may well be even more specific.
    • Note: The area of the brain that you select should be used for both the Discussion and Assignment that are due this week.

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By Day 3

Post a description of your selected region of the brain. Include structure, connections to other regions, and the function of this specific area. Identify the reason(s) that this area is of interest to the research community and include why it is of interest to you personally.

Support your posting with specific references from literature in the Walden Library and Learning Resources APA format, Zero plagiarizing, Quote work, No.com’s

Discussion: Neuroanatomy

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