discussion-reply to the post below-Clif

discussion-reply to the post below-Clif.

Can you help me understand this Science question?

In France, they don’t necessarily have a “homeland security” instead it is replaced by the countries Ministry of Interior. The Interior acts as the heart of the State’s action throughout the country to serve the French people’s needs and meet their expectations in the area of safety and security (FMI, 2019). A more in depth mission statement is stated in their Defense and National Security Strategy Review, “The integrity of French territory and the protection of French civilians are central to their vital interests” (2017). In addition, French interest includes all factors that influence its security, prosperity, and position as a developed country in the global arena.

This ideology is very similar to our nations own agenda regarding “homeland security”. When we look at the United States homeland security mission, it encompasses both the security aspects of our nation’s key resources and public safety (DHS, 2002). This reflects the economic stability of France and the protection of French civilians.

However, the scope of it begins to change when we consider the size of the United States and its political climate versus that of France. Which allows the Department of Homeland Security to act as an umbrella for multiple agencies that France currently do not have or do not need. For example, France currently has an open border policy so entities like Customs and Border Protection or Immigration Custom Enforcement are nonexistent.

discussion-reply to the post below-Clif

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