Discussion Reply TO

Discussion Reply TO.

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Reply to classmates’ threads suggesting a technology to implement related to his or her plan, and explain its benefits and appropriateness.

150 word reply please follow rubric

We have been tasked with integrating a multidisciplinary unit for our eighth graders. I know that we all bring something unique and exciting to the table, so I want to let everyone know of the expectations, as well as the time line for this project. Since we currently meet every other Monday with our subjects, I am proposing that we meet on the off days, so as to not take away from your subject learning team. I would like for us to start simple and only meet for an hour every other Monday. I will create a Google document that we can all collaboratively work on so that everything we do is fluid and keeps moving.

The first thing I will need from each of you is your pacing calendar for your subject. Once we have all pacing guides, let’s talk about the subject for our interdisciplinary lesson. This way we can determine the right time, as well as the right subjects that can be part of this. The first meeting will be hammering out the lesson plan and the direction we want to take it. After our first couple of meetings, we will then be charged to find new ways to integrate all the disciplines in our lessons. Seems daunting, right? It’s not because we have each other. We need to utilize each other as a resource, which is what our Monday meetings will be. We need to rely on each other as the expert. As we are working on these and we allow for people to see our vulnerabilities, remember, “If we’re doing the work, then we see ourselves as learners along with the students. Expertise is often foreign in that framework because we’re neither confident nor settled in that One Truth. We’re using and giving away tools so that the next generation might do better than us” (Vilson, J.).

As we are working on these lessons, and hopefully testing them out in your class, the Google document is there for us to document the wins and the needs for improvements. This document is an easy way to create a working tool so that the lesson can be even better to utilize for next year. So, let’s get this test year going. Be prepared to throw around some ideas on how and what we want this lesson to look like. Thank you for your time and trust. Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established” (Proverbs 16:3, ESV).


Vilson, J. (2017, July 20). Why Teachers Need To See Themselves as Experts. Retrieved

November 20, 2019, from https://medium.com/ @thejlv/why-teachers-need-to-see-themselves-as-experts-69341b444763.

Discussion Reply TO

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