Discussion: Study Question Proposal

Discussion: Study Question Proposal.

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Throughout this course, you will identify the steps in developing a research study. You will not be conducting the research or writing a full proposal; however, you will become familiar with the research process itself.

The research process contains many steps; the first is to identify a study question. Normally, a researcher will find a topic through personal or professional interest and direct it toward solving a problem. For the purpose of this course, you will select one of the topics presented below.

  • Childhood diabetes
  • Alcohol use in adolescents
  • Skin cancer in young women
  • Cardiovascular disease in the minority population
  • Long-term care for patients with Alzheimer’s disease
  • Cultural impact of posttraumatic stress disorder
  • Opioid crisis
  • Prescription drugs
  • Climate change
  • Breastfeeding

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Select a topic to address from the list provided
  • Read Chapter 2 of your textbook on developing a study question
  • Read Chapter 1 of your textbook that deals with health research purposes
  • Navigate the AHRQ, CCPH, and RAND corporation websites in the Learning Resources to learn more about research and information specific to your chosen topic
  • Consider how you might develop a study question and move forward with the research process

By Day 4

Post a comprehensive response including the following:

  • A research topic written as a study question (See Chapter 2 in your textbook)
  • The purpose of the research, including how the project will further knowledge and extend theory (See the section Health Research Purposes in Chapter 1 of your textbook.)
  • Reason for selecting the topic (See Chapter 1 of your textbook.)
  • Define any terms that may have special meaning to the study itself (See the section Keywords in your textbook.)

Discussion: Study Question Proposal

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