Diversity in the workplace

Diversity in the workplace is a very common topic in today’s world. Expanding your communication skills to include global communication can help with your opportunities for advancement in a company. For this assignment, you will create a blog providing advice about doing business in a foreign country. Instructions:

Start by choosing a foreign country. Research how companies in this country conduct business. Share your findings in a blog, providing advice on conducting business properly to prepare colleagues or business travelers who may be visiting this country. Include at least three of the following topics:

Greetings o Communication Style


Roles and Status

Attitudes towards work and success o Concept of time

Personal space and/or eye contact

Other significant points about doing business in the country

Create your blog in a Word document Requirements: • Research effective blogs and set up your Word document to look like a blog. • Be creative in your layout. • Have a title, date, introduction, body and conclusion.

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