do assignment on Ubuntu

do assignment on Ubuntu.

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Please watch the attached video that shows you the basics of how to install and use Zenmap

You will need to do some research on Zenmap to answer all of the following questions. You will also need to do some research on the open ports to answer the port related questions

1. (5 pts) Attach a PDF of your network topology

2. (5 pts) Explain each node on the network

3. (10 pts) Explain each host’s open ports. What is the service provided by the open port.×285/playerSkin/31095511/&course_id=_2596214_1&content_id=_21446197_1

Video demos how to perform the zenmap assignment×285/playerSkin/31095511/&course_id=_2596214_1&content_id=_21446197_1

do assignment on Ubuntu

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