DQ for Ch 11-16 assignment

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9a) Reflecting on your current or previous job, describe the most recent performance appraisal that your boss (and HR) conducted with you? What transpired during the performance appraisal meeting? What elements from the textbook were incorporated in your performance review?

9b) How is training and development different in your job (or any job)?  Choose any 2 training and 2 development activities and describe and define what they are and how they work.

9c) In your current job, describe the fringe benefits that your employer provides.  Describe what is meant by “cafeteria-style fringe benefits” and how does this term come about?

9d) What benefits have employee unions (or your union if you belong to one at your workplace) brought to employees (or you)?  If employee union is so beneficial, why is it viewed rather negatively in the media and by the public?

10a) Identify the four elements that comprise the Marketing Mix and discuss what each element entails. Describe how marketers implement the marketing mix.  In your view, which is the most important element of the four, and why?

10b) Describe the five environmental factors.  Provide and explain at least one example in each environmental factor.  Why are environmental factors important when developing a marketing mix?

10c) Explain what is meant by market segmentation.  Describe at least three ways a market can be segmented and provide an example for each.

10d) How is target marketing different from mass marketing?  What are the pros and cons of target marketing and mass marketing?  If you are a marketer, would you focus on target marketing or mass marketing?  Why?

11a) Discuss and describe the Product Life Cycle (PLC). At each stage of the cycle, describe what happens to the sales and profitability of a product. Explain why profits decline when sales continue to increase or reach its heights.  Provide an example of a product for each stage of the PLC.

11b) What are the components of a total product offer.  Explain and provide examples of the components you listed.

11c) How are manufacturer’s brand, private (dealer) brand, and generic brand different. Provide an example for each of the brands.

11d) Describe the five pricing strategies that a producer or retailer can use.  Provide an example for each strategy.

12a) Identify and describe at least 5 types of retail stores and provide an example for each.  Is Costco a wholesaler or retailer?  Support your assertion.

12b) Explain the promotion mix. Specify the tools that make up the promotion mix? In your view, which tool of the promotion mix is the most effective and least costly in promoting a product/service.

12c) Define personal selling and list the steps involved in this type of promotion.  If a customer service representative at Best Buy assists you by explaining to you about a particular laptop, and after the explanation, you purchased that laptop; does that constitute personal selling?  Why or why not?

12d) What are examples of sales promotion?  How is sales promotion different from publicity?

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