ECON305 discsion and 8 questions

ECON305 discsion and 8 questions.

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After reading chapters seven through nine (Winter, 2008) and gain an understanding of the economic impacts of crime, answer the following questions:

Note: Your response to each of your course discussion questions should be at least 250 words. Also, be sure to post a response to the comments of at least on fellow classmate.

1.) Do you feel that the legalization of marijuana should be considered by law makers? What are the advantages and disadvantages of legalization?

2.) Describe the relationship between unemployment rates and crime. Do you feel that individuals become criminals due to a lack of legitimate employment opportunities? Explain why or why not.

3.) Describe the role of economists in both crime identification and crime deterrence.

Be sure to respond to all of the main discussion questions. Also, you must post a response to at least one of the comments of your fellow classmates (two days prior to the end of the module).

ECON305 discsion and 8 questions

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