Economic engineering research paper (8 pages)

Economic engineering research paper (8 pages).

I’m studying for my Engineering class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?


i need help with my economic engineering class. 8 pages research paper about any engineering project. it will be about the economic side of the project.

I need a research paper that is 10 pages, the page of content and the cover are included with the 10 pages so it would only be 8 pages for you to write. You can also add pictures and anything that related to the project. It should be about an engineering project that took place somewhere. Half of the research paper could be just online sources and copying from there as long as you put the references.

i have explained everything i need for this paper in detail in the attached file and i also attached 2 sample papers that could be a guide

thank you

Economic engineering research paper (8 pages)

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