Economic Viability of Recycled Systems

A business research project, pursued over the past several months, has led an Organization (let’s say, ABC Inc.) to start a new business. The business involves electronic re-cycling of computing devices including out dated servers, desk-top computers, laptops, iPads, and cell phones. The services (and products) provided by ABC will include certified data-destruction on existing storage devices, refurbishing out dated computing devices, and then selling them with at least one year of warranty.

It is expected that, to begin, at least 500 computing devices should be acquired every month by ABC; this number should keep increasing each month for the next 2 to 3 years.

Develop a report to examine the economic viability and profitability of such a business. The report should include: vendors from whom used/outdated computing devices and required components can be purchased; cost estimates of purchasing, receiving, storing, data destruction, refurbishing, software installation, testing for quality assurance, and delivery. Assume a sale price of $250 for each desktop and $295 for each laptop computer. As is generally done in such business research analyses, make reasonable assumptions wherever necessary.

Please make sure to include:

1)Introduction and Problem Statement – An overview of the economic viability and profitability of the computer recycling business.

2)Research Process – Describe research design, the methodology used to gather the data, the data sources, the credibility of the sources, the methodology used to evaluate the data.

3)Assumptions – Describe the assumptions that were made. 4)Findings – Your findings supported by data, tables, and figures.

5)Conclusions – Recommendations for business executives based upon the findings.

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