Economic Viability of Recycled Systems

A business research project, pursued over the past several months, has led an Organization (let’s say, ABC Inc.) to start a new business. The business involves electronic re-cycling of computing devices including out dated servers, desk-top computers, laptops, iPads, and cell phones. The services (and products) provided by ABC will include certified data-destruction on existing storage devices, refurbishing out dated computing devices, and then selling them with at least one year of warranty. /0x4*

It is expected that, to begin, at least 500 computing devices should be acquired every month by ABC; this number should keep increasing each month for the next 2 to 3 years.

Develop a report to examine the economic viability and profitability of such a business. The report should include: vendors from whom used/outdated computing devices and required components can be purchased; cost estimates of purchasing, receiving, storing, data destruction, refurbishing, software installation, testing for quality assurance, and delivery. Assume a sale price of $250 for each desktop and $295 for each laptop computer. As is generally done in such business research analyses, make reasonable assumptions wherever necessary.

Please make sure to include:

1)Introduction and Problem Statement – An overview of the economic viability and profitability of the computer recycling business.

2)Research Process – Describe research design, the methodology used to gather the data, the data sources, the credibility of the sources, the methodology used to evaluate the data.

3)Assumptions – Describe the assumptions that were made. 4)Findings – Your findings supported by data, tables, and figures.

5)Conclusions – Recommendations for business executives based upon the findings.

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