ED620: Aftermath of a crisis

ED620: Aftermath of a crisis.

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Aftermath of a Tragedy Crisis Scenario

Students have different reactions in the aftermath of a tragedy. Their reactions vary in intensity and expression. It is important to let students know everyone experiences grief and loss in different ways, and there is no correct or normal way to respond to tragedy. Initially, some students may not feel anything at all. Delayed reactions do not mean the person grieving is any less upset than others about what has occurred.

Consider this crisis scenario. You are the principal of a school and receive a phone call the day before school reopens after winter break. You are informed that Joseph, a fifth grader at your school, has passed away while on a ski trip with his family. It was not a tragic skiing accident—Joe had collapsed as he waited for his brothers at the bottom of the slope. At the present time, there is no additional information.

Based on this scenario, how would you deal with the aftermath of this tragedy? List and explain your first steps in dealing with this crisis. Keep in mind the age group you are dealing with and the short notice you have been given. Things to consider:

  • How will you communicate with teachers?
    • What information will you share with them?
  • How will you communicate with parents?
    • What information will you share with them?
  • What information will the teachers be allowed to share with their students?
    • How will you suggest teachers share this information with students?
  • Will you arrange support services? If so, what support is needed and for whom?

Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

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Throughout your studies, you have discussed a number of ways to analyze school issues and connect with the publics the school serves.

This week appears to be fairly light (in terms of workload), but do not be deceived. You will be thinking about the aftermath of a tragedy and demonstrating your mastery of course content through a final course culmination project: creating plans to address three case studies.

Weekly Objectives

Through participation in the following activities, the candidate will:

  • Understand selected educational issues within the context of public and community relations. (1c, 4j, 4n, 5m)
    • Final Project – Three Case Studies
  • Recognize the role of media at the state and local levels in relationship to education. (4j, 4n, 5m, 10n)
    • Final Project – Three Case Studies
  • Gain awareness of available communication tools such as publications, school campaigns, and oral presentations. (4j, 4n, 5m, 10n)
    • Aftermath of a Tragedy Crisis Scenario
    • Final Project – Three Case Studies
  • Demonstrate familiarity within a variety of mechanisms for enlisting local resources. (4j, 4n, 5m, 10n)
    • Final Project – Three Case Studies

Required Studies

The following materials are required studies for this week. Complete these studies at the beginning of the week, and save these materials for future use.

The School and Community Relations (Gallagher, Bagin, & Moore, 2016)

  • There is no assigned reading in the text this week.


ED620: Aftermath of a crisis

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