Editig on a project

Editig on a project.

I don’t know how to handle this Writing question and need guidance.

I have a project (47 pages).. the project idea is preparing Saudi Red Crescent for Alhajj season.. the methodology that used in this project dose NOT fit the methodology I want.

the methodology that used in the project: gathering info and collecting data from over 5000 of the pilgrims, etc

the methodology I want to be used: collecting information by interviewing four of the Saudi Red Crescent directors.

what I want you to do is just convert the methodology into the way I want.

If I chose you to work on the question, I will send the project. also I will send the information of the 4 directors and the questions I discussed with them.

please if you have any question, ask before you choose to work.


Editig on a project

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