Editing research paper

Editing research paper.

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Please make the revisions we discussed to current research paper

ok, the intro and conclusion is good.

we have to fix the body, like more elaborate sentences with necessary examples.

also there has to be a thesis statement to add at the end of intro paragraph so the problem statement you added develop that into a thesis statement and the objectives doesn’t have to be there

the thesis statement should lead to an argument and the paper will lead to one side of that argument

so there will be an argument and counter argument which makes up the body of the paper

maybe we can elaborate on whose to blame for homelessness in the US and use the points that you listed for the reasons of homelessness and expand on that, etc

Original instructions: Write an eight-page, double-spaced essay that persuades the reader to one side of a controversial topic. Build an argument that includes a claim with reasons, statistics to give credibility, imagery that evokes emotion, and a linked introduction and conclusion. Use at least five sources that are properly quoted and cited.

Please use Turbian style format

Editing research paper

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