EDUC/521: Classroom Management For Educators

EDUC/521: Classroom Management For Educators.

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Discussion post

Synthesize readings and research in your discussion post.

Use these links and the attached files to synthesize and base the answers on:

This week focuses on diversity and factors that influence student behavior. Values and beliefs can vary significantly across a school. Respond to the following in a minimum of 500 words:

  • What must you consider when building a classroom management plan to ensure all values and belief systems are respected?
  • What steps might you take to build a community of learners with a variety of value and belief systems while teaching respect and kindness?
  • What is one specific strategy you might use to address diversity issues in your classroom?

Explain and provide specific examples to support your responses. Cite references in APA, and use in-text citations.

Be professional.

EDUC/521: Classroom Management For Educators

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