Education essay

Part 1
Discuss the following concepts and provide an example (not given in the
textbook) for each as it relates to the development and behavior of
children. /0x4*

  1. Curriculum
  2. Discrete Trial Training
  3. Pivotal Response Training
  4. Positive Behavior Support
  5. Positive Reinforcement
  6. Antecedent
  7. Consequence
  8. Contingencies
  9. Time-Away
  10. Punishment

Discuss how these topics do or do not influence you today and how they
might have an effect on your work with diverse families. Stay focused on
relevant information concerning the implications for your work with young
children and their families.
● History: family history of ethnic origin, language(s), geography, and
● Growing up: where you grew up, pattern of movement or stability,
and your family of origin structure
● Your current family or living structure
● Values of independence or interdependence
● Discipline approaches
● Attitudes toward disability
● Influence of racism
● Family structure
● Parents’ roles
● Caregiver-child communication
● Medical practices

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