Education Presentation

In order to effectively partner with families, we must be able to effectively communicate with them. Newsletters, bulletin boards, and conferences are just a few of the ways that teachers communicate with the families they are working with each day. In your assignment, you will not only have the
chance to share your knowledge about these communication tools but also discover which tools are most commonly being used. Before beginning your assignment, you will want to complete the
Read Chapter 4: Communicating with Families in the course textbook
Read :
Read Partnerships for Learning: Conferencing with Families which is in the attachment Read
Describe the importance of communicating with families
Explain four communication tools including their characteristics, purpose, and how you can use them
to engage families in your school or center. The tools do not have to be the tools shared in the
Discuss how you can use these tools to share lessons or activities that will encourage involvement in
your school or center.
Describe the importance of using these tools to build a positive line of communication before
needing to share negative or challenging information with families .
Explain how you might differentiate the use of tools based on the needs of individual families /0x4*

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