Educational Issues

Educational Issues.

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A 2-3 page proposal, written in essay form, to include the following:

1. Your name and the title of your project

2. An introduction that explains what educational problem you will be addressing and why, this should also include statistics/evidence for what makes this issue a problem.

3. Background about what group you will be targetting (this should be related to the educational problem you are addressing, for example race, age, class, gender, sexual orientation).

4. A brief explanation of how you would propose to solve the problem.

At least 2 research articles must be used in writing your proposal (these cannot be resources used in class). Your proposal should be double-spaced with 12-point type. Format your reference page and in-text citations using the American Psychological Association guidelines.

Proposal grading

Criteria and Points

Descriptive title & your name 0=missing title or name; 1=name AND title present

Introduction 1=no research cited, unclear justification of educational inequity; 2=some research cited, but educational problem is not fully discussed; 3=all elements addressed with good use of is not fully discussed 3=all elements addressed with a good use of research

Background 1=unclear description of target group; 2=thorough description of target group

Proposed solution 1=unclear description and confusing about how it will address problem; 2=good description of proposed solution

Formatting & reference page 0=errors in writing conventions, missing page numbers, errors in citations/references; 1=conventions generally followed, some errors in formatting; 2=proper use of APA followed followed, some errors formatting, 2-proper use of APA formatting no errors

Educational Issues

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