effective HRM strategic planning

effective HRM strategic planning.

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Using the text figure 1.7; The Chain of Relationships…) and at least two additional credible outside sources, make an initial post that does the following:

1) Summarize the critical role measurement and evaluation play in effective HRM strategic planning.

2) Next, provide examples of measurements and evaluations systems or methods currently being used by HRM professionals. You might consider using a specific employee job title with associated duties to demonstrate and frame your discussion.

All initial posts must be supported by credible sources and included in your posts. Examine the author’s credentials to determine the quality of the source. You may choose sources from either academic or industry experience, but your sources will help you go beyond simply stating your opinion. After your initial posts, review two posts from your classmates. Reflect and comment on the examples your classmates provided and provide feedback to the author of each post. What did you learn from their posts? Be specific, clear, concise and complete.

effective HRM strategic planning

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