Eliminating Microaggressions at Work Discussion

Paper details https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPqVit6TJjw Please review the video above. After reviewing the video, what are your thoughts? Have you ever been the victim of microaggressions? If you feel comfortable, please share they types of microaggressions you have experienced. Think about the trauma that continuous microaggressions can put on someone. Do you or people you know use ableist language? It is so important to consistently grow in our knowledge and language. How did you feel after listening to the speaker and the word ghetto being a microaggression? Again, our language holds power.

Think about the language you or those around you may use, how will you change your language? After reviewing, the TedTalk, have you changed anything about how you speak to others, have you “paused”, have you searched if the terms you use are offensive and are you building your actions and language towards a culturally competent tomorrow?

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