ENG-112 The Name of the Wind Literary Analysis Essay

ENG-112 The Name of the Wind Literary Analysis Essay.

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This assignment requires the Book called: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, Vol.1. No worries if you do not have the book, im just looking for writing on paper to be honest. The Essay can be about anything about the book, from theme, character development, specific points, situations, etc, leading to a total of 5 pages. please help! (Book Link)

the book can be accessed on (Gen.lib.rus.ec) and jus type in the name of the wind and select fiction.

The Name of the Wind Literary Analysis Essay Rubric:

  • THESIS Easily identifiable, plausible, original, insightful, narrow, clear break down of your essay’s focus: /20
  • STRUCTURE Overall structure is clear, understandable, and appropriate for thesis. Topic sentences are thesis driven, not plot driven. Excellent transitions from point to point. Each body paragraph supports solid topic sentences: /10
  • ANALYSIS Makes thoughtful and original observations of The Name of the Wind. Analysis demonstrates superior understanding of student-chosen theme or characters and purpose in the novel. Relates characters or themes to the literary work as a whole. Avoids extended plot summary: /40
  • USE OF EVIDENCE Evidence from The Name of the Wind supports every point with at least one example, and each supporting paragraph uses one quoted passage. Choice of examples and quoted material are selective and original. Excellent integration of direct quotes into sentences with correct MLA citations and Works Cited page. Relates evidence to topic sentences and thoroughly explains significance of evidence. Student’s voice clearly controls the use of evidence; quotes support thesis rather being adopted as the thesis: /20
  • STYLE & MECHANICS Precise diction and varied sentence structure. Excellent control of punctuation; minimal to no spelling errors, run-on sentences or comma splices. Excellent academic word choice and sentence variety: /10

ENG-112 The Name of the Wind Literary Analysis Essay

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