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ENG Writing.

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Forecast Methods (Quantitative or Qualitative)

We will pick qualitative methods such as market survey for the forecast methods. The main purpose of market survey is to know what your customers want in order to retain them and gather new customers. Using surveys to collect this information can give valuable insights into areas such as target markets, product feedback, customer responsiveness and loyalty, understanding buying habits and brand awareness. In fact, customer loyalty plays a key role in the success of business for several reasons. Not only do they come back for repeat visits, they are also more inclined towards bigger purchases, recommending friends, or signing up for other services. To do this, we need facts from consumers to gather the data that will allow us to stay ahead in the market.

Product Design Methodology

Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) are our main focus on the product design methodology. The globe is covered in plastic waste. The “to-go” cup and plastic straw are a big part of this problem. And so we will launched a campaign with the ultimate goal of preventing million to-go cups and plastic straws from getting into the oceans. By switching out plastic straws to paper straws. The paper straws are durable enough to not break down in a drink and are fully compostable. Also, we give out discount whenever people bring in reusable water bottles and cups with reusable straws and lids. We want to limit how many plastic straws use and changes people to switch to sustainable alternatives.

ENG Writing

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