ENGL 101 paper revising

ENGL 101 paper revising.

I’m stuck on a English question and need an explanation.

This is a writing project. I have finished the first draft, and I hope someone can help me to modify it.(I will attach the essay later)

Here are the requirements for this assignment

Writing as a Community Member + Reflection

In this project, you will contribute to a conversation about how writing, rhetoric, and/or literacy is impacted by community membership. The essay will include a thesis/claim which is then supported by textual evidence pulled from (at least) two from the following links. The essay will also be accompanied by a short reflection in which you describe what you have learned thus far that has helped you expand or shift your understanding of reading/writing. (4-5 Pages)

PROMPT: In what ways do communities (discourse communities, personal communities, or other) shape writing? Stake a claim (i.e., present a thesis) as to how writing is shaped by communities and then support it with evidence pulled from (at least) two from the readings in the following links. Your essay must be accompanied by a short reflection (at least one page but no more than three) in which you describe how engagement with the idea of communities impacts your reading and writing.




ENGL 101 paper revising

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