English 101 Final Exam Reflection

English 101 Final Exam Reflection.

I’m studying and need help with a English question to help me learn.

Reflection must me written in block style.

I written a paper but unable to condense to 1page. Please help

English 101 Final Exam Reflection
Fall 2019
As a student in English Composition 101, you will often be asked to reflect. To reflect means to think thoughtfully about a given topic. Some instructors will ask you to reflect on your writing process for a certain essay; others will ask you to think about your experience of reading a text; still others will ask you to examine some aspect of your life. To reflect is not the same as to narrate, which means to tell a story. When you reflect, you explore and analyze a certain situation within your life. You do not explain every step in chronological order; you choose certain “pieces” or “threads” of an experience or situation and look at only these. Exploration like this often leads to connecting themes or ideas within the situation. You will not necessarily know the connections when you start to brainstorm: often, they are surprises that only come to light through careful reflection and consideration. Thoughtful reflection can help you in any aspect of your life.
The Assignment
First, the format will not be an actual essay. Instead, this composition will be in the form of a letter. It will begin with “Dear XXX,” and it should end with some kind of signoff (“Sincerely, XXX” or “Good luck, XXX” etc.).
You will be writing this letter to yourself. Not the person you are today, but the person you were when you started English Composition 101. This might be the “you” at the beginning of this semester if English 101 is your first English class. If you started with English 100, however, you might want to write to the person you were last fall or spring or whenever you started.
The purpose of this letter is to give the “younger” you some good advice as s/he prepares for the first days of English Composition 101 class. You should think of yourself as a mentor, or coach, who is able to go back in time and, with the advantage of hindsight, help out your younger self as s/he starts on this journey in English.
 As always, your letter must be typed in a standard 12-point font, with one-inch margins, double-spaced, and this time it should be 1 page in length.
 MLA format is not required for this assignment because of the letter format.
Evaluation Criteria:
 Content and Thesis (40%): Although this letter does not need an explicit thesis statement, it does need to have an implicit main idea that guides/shapes the whole essay. Additionally, the content of the letter needs to be specific and discussed with concrete and vivid detail. Lastly, thoughtfulness is of supreme importance in this kind of assignment. If you simply skim the surface and list tasks, you are missing the point.
 Organization (15%): This is the overall organization (the body paragraphs should have some kind of arc, with the most important information coming just before the concluding paragraph) as well as paragraph-level organization.
 Expression (20%): This category ranges from varied sentence structure to vocabulary that is unique and precise to the correct tone. Because you are writing to yourself, your tone will be slightly different than if you were writing a formal, academic essay. However, please remember that you are writing a college assignment, so no slang or bad language.
 Mechanics & Usage (25%): This covers basic grammar, word forms, vocabulary choices, punctuation, spelling, etc.
Final Notes:
 This assignment invites you to be creative as you reflect, and requires that you be thoughtful as you advise. Even though this is a letter, you must organize it in a way that shows an awareness of the structure and progression of the letter. You also need to write body paragraphs that are unified (about one topic). Disconnected, random thoughts are not an acceptable way to write this letter. A suggestion would be to outline the letter before you begin, and think about what kind of structure will best serve you. You want to build to your most important point, so think for a while about what that might be.
 Please remember to proofread your letter.

English 101 Final Exam Reflection

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