ent101 Wework company presentation

ent101 Wework company presentation.

I don’t know how to handle this Business question and need guidance.

This is a group presentation about Wework company, we should introduce the company and analysis the problem the company facing, then think 3 alternative to fix the problem. The other part is finish, just work with the alternative one.

My part is the alternative 1. The alternative 1 should be present for 2 and half minutes. And this part is from slide 9 to 12. The alternative one is Readjusting the Executive Team pay scale. So the slides need to show how is works.

Doing this alternative requires some financial analysis. It is best to list a table. You can refer to two other alternatives. can I also get an oral speech. I hope that ppt and speeches can be as simple as possible, and some simple words are easy to express, but still be convincing.

This case is based on the article The fall of Wework which given by the teacher. I have put it below.

ent101 Wework company presentation

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