Epidemiology and the Managerial Controlling Function

Epidemiology and the Managerial Controlling Function.

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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid are beginning to penalize hospitals who have patients readmitted in a certain time period (Readmission Reduction Program). Your Supervisor has come to you as to a manager of Quality Improvement and asked you how your hospital can better understand your readmission rates. Write a descriptive analysis plan outline based on PDCA process description that can offer insight in the organization readmission rates matter. Another example (exploratory) is P.E.R.I.E. approach used in the Public Health industry.Think about the factors that are important for the Provider, the patient and the payor (Medicare in this case). Make sure to list the epidemiological measures used in the process and identify the stage of Total Quality Improvement process that is utilizing Epidemiological studies and surveillance directly. HINT: remember, it is an outline of a plan.

Epidemiology and the Managerial Controlling Function

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