Essay 5: Revision

Essay 5: Revision.

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Instructions: For one of your last essays this semester, you will revise an essay that you’ve already written and write a short memo detailing the changes you have made on the paper.

Revising the essay: Choose an essay that you 1) have already written for ENG 101 this semester and 2) that you feel you could improve. Review comments that you received from the instructor and from anyone else whom you have let review it, and make the appropriate changes to that essay. Consider everything! Correct grammar errors, citation errors, and organization errors. Spend time editing your paper by adding commentary or specific details where needed or perhaps taking out lines/passages that are off-topic or unnecessary.

Writing a Revision Memo: After you have revised your essay, you will write a revision memo. Revision memos are a great way to help writers think about what they have just written. The purpose of revision memos is to help you become better at revising your writing. Furthermore, you will become better critical readers of your own texts, which will help in your development as writers.

For your revision memo, please write two, well-developed, well-organized paragraphs discussing the following:

1) How you revised your paper. What did you focus on improving in your essay, and how did you go about improving it?

2) Your strengths and weaknesses. Based on the time you have spent revising your essay, what are your strengths as a writer? In what areas could you improve? (Both strengths and weaknesses must be addressed in order to receive full credit for this part of the assignment.)

Essay 5: Revision

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