essay about comparison between two religion Hinduism and Christianity

essay about comparison between two religion Hinduism and Christianity.

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A Field Research

In this final assignment, you will have two options, both aimed at helping you build upon the information gleaned during the semester. Each option requires you to engage a religious system other than your own. For example, if you are a member of some branch of the Christian faith (i.e. Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, etc.), you must reach outside of the Christian community for your research focus. Thus, you might choose to visit a Jewish community or a Buddhist community. For this exercise, you may choose to work with a partner. Here are your options for your research focus:

1) You will visit a worship service for a religious tradition other than your own. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, there are many possibilities for this assignment. These might include: Temple Beth-El (a large Jewish synagogue located in Southwest Fort worth); one of the Buddhist temples in Keller, Arlington or on Rosedale Avenue just East of our campus; the Hindu temple of the Society for Krishna Consciousness in South Dallas near the Fair Park; the Fort Worth Mosque located off of Hulen Street; and many other possibilities. I will be glad to provide you with further suggestions, if you are short on ideas. If you live outside of the Metroplex, you will have to locate a facility on your own. I must approve all offsite visit locations in advance. This is a very practical assignment designed to help you consider the relationship between faith traditions. You will submit an essy of about two-pages in length, focused upon your reflections regarding this visit. In particular, I want you to recount what you learned about the focal tradition during the term and to consider how these themes related to your visit. You may choose to provide some background on the community you are visiting. As well, you may choose to compare this experience with another religious community with which you are familiar.

Just use the name of any location mentioned above and essay should be 500 words double spaced, APA style

essay about comparison between two religion Hinduism and Christianity

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