essay-comment on an academic article

essay-comment on an academic article.

I’m stuck on a Political Science question and need an explanation.

1. Browse the internet or the electronic databases that the University gives access to,…, for example Jstor (or search the internet cites which give access to academic content) and find an academic article in a referred academic journal with at least 10 citations (the number of citations is presented by google just under the article’stitle in a google search)on one of the following topics or key-words : bureaucracy, organizations, institutions, rationality, values, ideology, norms, anomie, conformity/deviance, functionalanalysis(functionalism), classical sociology. A lot of PDF full text articles are freely available on the Internet, but you will have a far more rich choice using the databases.
Give the correct references of the article.

2. Please read carefully the article and try first to well summarize its main idea and research question, before doing anything else.

3. Using font “Times new Roman”, line spacing 1single, and font size 12 please prepare a 1200-word essay (around 3 pages) trying to fulfill the following requirements:

• What is the main idea and research question that the author/authors are trying to answer/prove? (300 words)

• What is his/hers theoretical framework (300 words)?

• What are the principle methods of argumentation? (research techniques, logical argumentation, types of evidence provided etc.) (200 words)

• Is the author critique towards some theoretical perspectives or other authors and whichone? (200 words)

• Conclusion (200 words) Was the author convincing in his argumentation and what is the overall usefulness of his article? What is the main conclusion from your own perspective ?

4. Please do refer to the presentation “How to write a sociological essay” (topic 4 in the moodle system) and reference and cite correctly.

5. The essay is due on January 20that noon. Upload the PDF of the article and the file of your essay converted in word.doc format.

6. If two students submit the same articles and strongly resembling essays they will be left without a note.

7. Those of you who have not submitted the first assignment, or are left without a note, could not be exempt of final exam (4,50 GPA for the two assignments) and their work will benefit them only as a training and writing exercises. Everybody is welcome to take the second assignment.

essay-comment on an academic article

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