essay on how c++ airport projects works

essay on how c++ airport projects works.

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I made an Airport Project, Please do an essay for the following asignment, this is for C++

Airport Project Part 3: Design Document

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Airport Project Design Document

NOTE: You must submit Airport Project Part 2 to get credit for Airport Project Part 3.

Write about your airport simulation program’s design.

  • Write one (1) page that lists and describes the features this program offers the user and how you implemented them. For each feature, explain the classes data structure(s) you designed to implement that feature.
  • For each class you designed, provide a one or two page description of that class and describe each of its members and methods in detail. You can start with the .h file for the class, but you need to write comments explaining the class members and methods in detail.
  • Write a (1) page (at least two paragraphs) description of the workflow for your airport simulation. Describe from the user’s perspective what happens each time the planes circle the airport.

Writing Standards: This is a college-level essay. Use good spelling and punctuation, and write a separate paragraph for each idea you present.

essay on how c++ airport projects works

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