Ethical Decision Making

Paper details Scenario:

You are a new assistant to the marketing manager of a cooking utensils corporation. You are on a team of professionals who have been with the company many years and design cookware that is both aesthetically pleasing to the modern cook or chef as well as addressing the most current trends in cooking techniques. The company is called Green Cookware Company with a vision of creating sustainable cookware for modern cooks. In your team discussions one of the product engineers brings up the fact that the latest new product the team is proposing has bisphenol A (BPA) but that it would be too costly to use an alternative, besides they can make the product in more colors. Do some research on BPA and then address the checklist items: – What is the problem? – What might the group tendency lead to and what are the implications? – What ethical concerns are there? – How would you address this issue as the new assistant on the team? – How might the ethical decision made now be impacted by the company’s mission and vision statements? Articles:

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